mallard malcolm

Malcom McConnell was born in Illinois and raised in Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin, and after graduation he left Wisconsin at the young age of 21 to work for the State Department in Washington, DC as a foreign service officer. He was placed in Africa for eight years.

At the age of 30 he resigned from the State Department and he and his wife, Carol, moved to Rhodes, an island in Greece.

Mr. McConnell started his writing career and wrote two novels–realistic spy stories. He got inspiration for his novels from his experience in Africa.

Mr. McConnell and his wife returned to the United States where he taught at four different universities. During the summer months, he and Carol went to Greece and ran a charter company with sailboats.

In 1979 Mr. McConnell bought a used sailboat in New York and fixed it up. They sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Greece and many other countries in that sailboat. They rented a house in Lindo’s Village (in Rhodes), enjoyed life, and he continued writing.

Mr. McConnell has written 24 books, covering military topics, scientific subjects, and the Mediterranean diet. He wrote many of his books with his beloved wife, Carol. Sadly, she passed away in 2010.

Mr. McConnell was hospitalized in Easton, Maruland for cardiac issues. He was not able to walk and had balance issues when he first arrived here. With hard work and dedication from Mallard Bay’s therapy team, Mr. McConnell was able to return to baseline and return home. Mr. McConnell said, “The therapy staff is the best I have ever encountered!” He returned home to start working on another book and plans to return to Greece as soon as he can!

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