Signature Healthcare at Mallard Bay receives five-star rating

Five Star Nursing Home in Cambridge Maryland

Signature Healthcare at Mallard Bay in Cambridge recently was rated a five-star facility and received a deficiency-free survey by the Maryland Office of Healthcare Quality Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“This is an incredible accomplishment,” said facility administrator Andrea Lev. “We’ve been working really hard and we’re very dedicated to providing great service to our community.”

Ratings from one to five stars are assigned to nursing homes by officials based on health inspection surveys, staffing information and quality of care measures.

Signature Healthcare at Mallard Bay, which has 160 beds, received five stars from health officials for health inspection, staffing and quality measures. During health inspections, officials look at the care of the residents, the process of care, staff and resident interactions and the nursing home environment. The rating for staffing is for overall staffing hours.

Quality measures include the percent of at-risk residents who have bed sores after their first 90 days in the nursing home, the number of residents whose mobility worsened after admission and whether residents received the proper medical care.

In 2007, Signature Healthcare at Mallard Bay had 16 health deficiencies and was rated a two star facility. The facility gradually improved by reducing the number of deficiencies to seven in 2008, three in 2009 and none in 2010, said Lev, who became facility administrator in 2008.

“Our main goal is to provide exceptional care for our residents and take good care of our families,” said Lev. “There is an amazing amount of compassionate people who work here every day. I’m very, very proud of them.”

Lev said there are 16,000 nursing centers in the United States and it is a rare accomplishment for a center to achieve a zero deficiency survey.

Staff member Allison Trise said the changes in the facility stemmed from everyone having a sense of unity to work toward making the care center better, which she attributed to Lev.

“[Lev] is the motivator behind every change in this building, because people believe in her,” said Trise. “I’m very proud to be working here. I’m very proud of how far it’s come.”

Source: The Star Democrat