Compassion Shines During Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence gained strength and threatened the Eastern coast, Signature HealthCARE of Mallard Bay teams and leaders sprang into action preparing to take in dozens of evacuated residents from a sister location in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Seniors are vulnerable during emergencies like Florence, and that’s why we practice and prepare for these situations,” Phyllis Coleman, CEO at Signature HealthCARE at Mallard Bay, said. “We made every effort to make the patients from Norfolk feel at home. It takes a lot of planning to prepare for a storm like Florence.”

The effort to serve the local and Norfolk residents surpassed the hurricane’s strength and included many in the community. State Senator Addie Eckardt and the office of the Secretary of Maryland Department of Health assisted in ensuring evacuated nursing assistants from Norfolk, Virginia gained temporary licenses to work in Maryland.

“The caregivers from Norfolk left behind their own families, houses and friends to care for their residents,” said Coleman. “At times like these, we see that this profession is a calling, not merely a job.”

The commitment of many stakeholders surpassed expectations. The Mallard Bay team moved 200 sheets of hefty plywood to covered storage, a difficult feat as each sheet had to be moved individually.

Heather Elzey, Medical Records Director at Signature HealthCARE of Mallard Bay, went above and beyond expectations behind the scenes ensuring additional supplies were on hand. “Heather and our entire team are heroes for serving without question during Florence,” Coleman said. “The team didn’t hesitate for one second to jump into action.”

Signature’s Spirituality pillar also mobilized during the storm and preparation. Signature Chaplains and Regional Spirituality Directors deployed alongside nursing and quality of life staff.