Mallard Bay ROARs

Recently Mallard Bay nursing home was challenged to incorporate the making of a music video into the daily routine of the elders. The Signature Healthcare corporate staff decided it would be fun to have a friendly competition amongst all its Signature Healthcare homes. Of course, no competition is complete without a prize. The prize in this case was money to be used toward a vacation for the elders. Mallard Bay specifically is attempting to raise about $4,000 which would allow a group of 10 to attend a 3 day, 2 night vacation to Atlantic City, NJ at no cost to the elder. This would be Mallard Bay’s second overnight vacation with the elders. Last year, a good time was had by all during a 3 day vacation to Branson, Missouri.

Our elders are excited about the opportunity to go on vacation, but they were not so excited to make a music video. To start, many of our elders did not know what a music video was. In addition to that, the song was picked for us… Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Needless to say they didn’t have a clue about Katy Perry. After a few weeks of constantly replaying the song, looking a multiple videos, and coming up with endless ideas; Mallard Bay elders and Staff decided they would give it a try.

Like Katy Perry in her song “Roar”, we also wanted to send a message. The elders decided to describe their journey of coming into a nursing home for the first time. The elders who have intentions for long term care described initial fears of: loneliness, loss of possessions, loss of spirit, and loss of animal companions. They in turn wanted to show how Mallard Bay has become “Home” to them. Elders described that they enjoy the company of staff, peers, and frequent visitors. The especially enjoy our 4 legged visitors. They are able to decorate their room as they wish, and participate in a variety of activities of their choice. Elders at Mallard Bay enjoy the companionship associated with their daily activities: musical entertainment, Church Services, baking programs, manicures, beauty shop, exercise, and of course Bingo.

Mallard Bay elders, Staff, and Visitors all had a great time being a part of the video. We enjoy watching our video so much that we wanted to share it with the community. The elders have even decided to make another one… this time they are picking the song!

To watch the video click the link: